bovine services Bay City, TX


Bovine patients require special veterinarians who are dedicated to them. Our veterinarians know and understand all about dairy and meat cows. Since they know their patients and what is needed, they are able to treat them accordingly. They understand the medications that can be given and when. They truly understand how each cow is important to their owners and their farm.

Bovine Reproduction Bay City, TX


Our veterinary staff offers a wide variety of bovine reproductive treatment plans. This includes, but is not limited to, consultations for breeding, breeding soundness exams, ultrasounds, and pregnancy checks.

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Farm Visits Bay City, TX

Farm Visits

Do you need a consultation regarding your herd or large group of animals? We would be happy to schedule a visit to your farm and ranch to make the delivery of our services easier for you! On the other hand, if you are seeking treatment for one animal or a small group of animals, we recommend visiting our clinic.

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surgery Bay City, TX


We are proud to offer surgical services for your bovine. This includes running diagnostic testing, prescribing medications, and performing surgery as needed.

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Ultrasonography Bay City, TX


Ltrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic tool used to diagnose pregnancy and to evaluate multiple reproductive tract disorders like uterine cysts and cancer.

Bovine ovary with multiple follicles

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In House Blood Profiles Bay City, TX

In House Blood Profiles

We offer in-house blood analysis to provide a fast and accurate evaluation of your herd’s health. Blood borne diseases like Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis can cause fever, depression and poor performance.

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Preventative Medicine Bay City, TX

Preventative Medicine

We offer a full line of vaccines to prevent diseases like Blackleg, Redwater, IBR, IP3, Vibriosis, Leptospirosis, Footrot, and Brucellosis. We also offer a complete line of both external and internal parasite control products which can prevent your herd from becoming infected with Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and with internal parasites which can cause “bottle jaw” and poor performance. We can also test your herd for diseases like Johne’s, Trichomoniasis, BVD, and Brucellosis.

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Herd Health Management Bay City, TX

Herd Health Management

The veterinarians at Bay City Veterinary Clinic are committed to offering the best advice and most updated information to keep your cattle operation in top shape. We currently consult on over 25,000 head in Matagorda county and surrounding areas.

We can consult with you one on one to develop a herd health plan that matches your herds’ needs.

In addition to herd health management, we also offer VIP pricing on select cattle supplies such as vaccines, wormers etc. Contact Heidi at 979-245-6364 for more information.

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